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The Problem

Hidden Fees

Cities are charging ridiculous dollar amounts for requesting a police officer to a burglar alarm signal - whether they show up or not.

Low Police Response

Police are not required to respond, and if they do, response times can be 15 minutes to 5 hours, or not at all.

False Alarms

There are an overwhelming amount of false alarms occuring, making police prioritize these alarms less.

Meet Blockwatch Alarm

$20/month with month-to-month contracts

We put you in control and pass the savings on to you.

How it Works

We can use most existing alarm equipment or install new equipment that is Blockwatch ready!

Community First

When your security system trips we notify all your community contacts (family, neighbors, guard service, etc.) either by push notifications with our Blockwatch mobile APP, text messages or phone calls.

Escalate if Needed

If you or one of your community members sees something amiss at your home they can call 911 or forward to a 24 hour emergency response center right from the app.

Customize your settings

Fire, Medical, and Panic features are directly dispatched to a 24 hour emergency response center along with any other events you choose.

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